What Are Fenugreek Seeds Powder

Apr 08, 2019


What Are Fenugreek Seeds Powder

Fenugreek seed , known as Methi in Urdu and Hindi and Hulba in Arabic, is a popular supplement for minimizing symptoms of menopause, relieving constipation, controlling diabetes, reducing cholesterol, soothing sore throat pain and coughs, and easing minor indigestion and diarrhea. Modern scientific research has confirmed that Fenugreek contains the chemicals diosgenin and isoflavones, very similar to the female sex hormone estrogen. It’s properties mimic the effect of estrogen in the female body. This herb provides a mastogenic effect resulting in the swelling and growth of healthy breast tissue.

Fenugreek Seeds Powder Function

1. Regulate blood sugar and promote body building.

2. Reduce cholesterin and protect heart.

3. Bulk laxative and lubricates the intestines.

4. Good for eyes and help with asthma and sinus problems.

5. In traditional Chinese medical science, the product is for kidney health, expelling cold, cure abdominal distention and fullness, cure enteric hernia and cold dam.

Fenugreek Seeds Powder Application

1. Fenugreek seed extract applied in Nutritional supplements.

2. Fenugreek seed extract applied in Health food products.

3. Fenugreek seed extract applied in Pharmaceutical products.

Where to Buy Fenugreek Seed Extract Powder

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