The study of Baicalin (part two)

Oct 30, 2017

The study of Baicalin (part two)

The main extraction methods of baicalin are water extraction acid precipitation, solvent extraction method, microwave extraction method, supercritical extraction method, enzymatic hydrolysis method, etc.

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Water extraction acid precipitation:

Baicalin has the characteristics of dissolution in alkaline and acidic solution. The general process of baicalin extraction from Scutellaria baicalensis Georgi is as follows: water decoction of Radix Scutellariae 2 times, filtration, adding acid to adjust pH1 ~ 2,80 degrees of heat preservation, static 24h, filtration. The precipitate is mixed with water to make the suspension, and the alkali is adjusted from pH7 to 7.5 to dissolve, and then the mixture is stirred with ethanol. The crystallization of baicalin was obtained by adding acid to pH1 ~ 2,80. The process has the advantages of large energy consumption, tedious operation and high cost.

Solvent extraction:

The dissolution rate of baicalin was greatly increased when 60% ethanol was used as solvent and compared with water as solvent.

The conditions of alcohol extraction were as follows: The reflux time was 3h, refluxing 2 times, 8 times of solvent and 60% ethanol.

Kitazaki Hironori (Japan) for the company's patent discloses a three butyl phosphate and TRI-N-OCTYLPHOSPHINE oxide solvent selectively isolated from Scutellaria baicalensis a method of baicalin, the extraction process at room temperature, the extraction rate of up to 90%.

Microwave extraction method:

Microwave is a kind of ultra high frequency electromagnetic wave, which has a strong penetrating effect. It can be heated evenly and rapidly inside and outside the medicinal granules, which greatly promotes the leaching of active ingredients in Chinese herbal medicine

The best process was as follows: the raw material of Scutellaria baicalensis was crushed with 200 meshes, the solvent was 60% ethanol solution, and the microwave radiation time was 8min. Guo Zhenku [22] of the view that in the 70% microwave power (maximum microwave power 850 watts) under the condition of microwave extraction solvent is 35% ethanol, 30 times the amount of solvent, extraction pressure 0.15MPa, time constant 30s, can obtain better extraction rate of Baicalin

Supercritical extraction method:

Supercritical fluid extraction technology is based on fluid under supercritical conditions as the solvent extraction process for separating mixtures with high permeability and the fluid has high solubility, with short extraction time, high extraction rate, low operation temperature and conducive to heat sensitive and easily oxidized bioactive components and retain environmental advantages

Enzymatic hydrolysis:

Zhang extracted and purified baicalein from fresh root of Scutellaria baicalensis Georgi, and then hydrolyzed the beta 2D glucuronide bond in baicalin, and finally produced baicalin.

In the study of extracting baicalin with cellulase, it was found that the yield of baicalin decreased after enzymatic hydrolysis with cellulase, and the reason was that cellulase hydrolyzed baicalin in the process of extraction.

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