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Stevia Series Products----REB-A

Xi'an Sost Biotech Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 20, 2016

1. R-A 60%

REB-A 60% (Total Content≥90%, 95%, RA≥60%), white to light yellow crystallia powder or grain, RA glycosides is the best sweet tasting ingredients  in stevioside. Which is extracted from Normal Stevia, taste cool and refreshing, no bitter taste. REB-A 60% can improve the taste quality of food. The sweetness is 320 time than sucrose.

2. R-A 97%

REB-A 97% (Total Content≥99%, RA≥97%), which meets the standard the Amercia FDA Approve. Not only the sweetness purity is high, taste is good but also can taste last long after the purity of RA was improved to 97%. The sweetness is 430 time than sucrose.

3. R-A 98%

REB-A 98%  (Total Content≥99%, RA≥97%), REB-A 98% was deeperly improved based on REB-A 97%. REB-A 98% is the best product in stevioside series. The worst ingredient in stevioside is RebaudiosideC, which content in normal product(content ≥90%) is under0.1%.  The taste of REB-A 98% is equal to sucrose after contrast. Which can be usded in food and Health Care Product, the sweetness is 450 time than sucrose.

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