Skin Whitening Ingredients Common Used in Cosmetic

Sep 14, 2016

Skin Whitening Ingredients Common Used in Cosmetic

The effect of skin whitening products mainly depends on the type of whitening ingredients in cosmetic. A research revealed that efficacy of several kinds of active ingredients combined can be higher than that of single components.

Such as Lipoic Acid, Sorbic acid, Glucose Ammonia, Glutathione and Cysteine, their skin whitening effect is not obvious if use singlely, but the combination will raise the efficiency.
However follow skin whiteing agents’effect is most effective in the market:

1. Hesperidin

Hesperidin,Herbal active factor like a gentle hand get rid of the melanin in the skin effectively and gently.

2.Tranexamic acid

Tranexamic acid is a kind of protease inhibitors and used for skin whitening needle in medical grade. Which can inhibit protease catalysis of peptide bond hydrolysis, thus to prevent the inflammatory protease enzyme activity, and restrain synthesis ofmelanin for long, increase the ability of skin to resist UV, leave skin soft and fair.

The Tranexamic acid effect is more stability compared with traditional whitening ingredients. Which can achieve whitening effect without other kinds of carrier protection due to the production is under high temperature environment and no irritating effect.

Notice a maximum concentration of 3%, cosmetics production consumption is approximately 0.5%.

3. Sheep Placenta Extract

Sheep Placenta extract is by promoting the spalling of cuticle cells and accelerate the melanin excretion to achieving whitening effect. Due to placenta extract effect is mild, high safety, so it’s very popular in the Japan cosmetics manufacturer. But because the placenta extract nutrition is very richful and easy to rotten, so cosmetics companies are requires a high degree of in health management level.

4. Kojic acid

Kojic Acid’s effect is very obvious compared with other whitening ingredients after doing tests. Which is generally extracted from penicillium and aspergillus filamentous fungi, is a kind of fine containing toxic Cell, and thus not fully popularity in the market. According to Japan's latest research report, kojic acid composition may have the risk of cancer.

5. Vitamin C

Vitamin C is the earliest used in skin whiteing cosmetic. Which security is very good, but the stability is poor, and will lose activity soon in cream without protection.
People put forward various ways in order to stabilize it, such as using the maintain active natural pectin in the orange flesh, pectin was damaged before being released until coated onto the skin.

6. Aloe Vera  

Aloe vera have very good nursing effect for sunburnt skin, which can prevent the skin from UV irritation and black. Aloe was discovered in the 1990s and was regarded as the amazing beauty products. With servel functions, such as moisture, sun protection, spot, anti-wrinkle, whitening, anti-aging, and even hair care. It is said that use fresh aloe juice is beauty recipe of the Queen of Eygept.

7. Alpha-Arbutin

Arbutin can effectively reduce the formation of melanin without affecting the concentration of cell proliferation. That is to say it’s security is quite high. Shiseido launched Arbutin hairdressing fluid as early as 1990. Someone say, 21st century is the century of arbutin.

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