Red Yeast Rice Extract

Jan 13, 2021

Red yeast rice extract is extracted from red yeast rice rice. The main active ingredient are lovastatin, monascus pigment, г-aminobutyric acid and unsaturated fatty acids. It has the functions of removing blood stasis, invigorating the spleen and eliminating food, tempering the stomach.


1. Lowering blood lipids

Lovastatin contained in the red yeast rice flour and its extract is an inhibitor of HMG-CoA reductase, which has the effect of lowering blood lipid and is suitable for people with high blood lipid.

2. Lower blood pressure

The active components of red yeast rice are GABA, glucosamine, and other cell wall components of red yeast rice, which have a significant effect on lowering blood pressure during the maintenance period of hypertension, especially red yeast rice.

3. Hypoglycemic effect

4. It has the functions of invigorating the spleen and eliminating food, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis.


Red yeast rice extract is used to make a highly safe food supplement, mainly for middle-aged and elderly healthcare products. It is also widely used in wine making, fermented food, food coloring agent, health food and medicine and other fields.

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