Phycocyanin--Unique Active Substance in the Nutritional Components of Spirulina

Dec 17, 2021

Phycocyanin--unique active substance in the nutritional components of spirulina

Phycocyanin Powder

Phycocyanin is a kind of phycobiliprotein purified from edible spirulina through water extraction and membrane separation technology. It is the most unique active substance in the nutritional components of spirulina. The blue is pure and clear. The current extracted is C- phycocyanin, a mixture of phycoerythrin and isophycocyanin, mainly C- phycocyanin, and there are also a small amount of proteins and carbohydrates naturally present in spirulina.



The appearance of phycocyanin is a bright blue powder. It is a protein-binding pigment and has the same properties as protein.

Easily soluble in water, organic solvents have a destructive effect on it. It is sea blue in the range of pH3.5~10.5 and the color is stable at pH4~8 Ph3.4 is its isoelectric point, and phycocyanin is precipitated. It is relatively stable to light and sensitive to heat, and metal ions have an adverse effect on it.

The aqueous solution has red fluorescence under light, which is very beautiful and unique. When it is made into a liquid product, the fluorescent effect gives the product a magical charm!


The purity of phycocyanin indicates the level of C- phycocyanin in the total protein in the extract, not a percentage, but an empirical value.

Calculated with A618/A280 . The purity of our conventional specifications is above 2.5 .


As a single substance, it is not included in the list of food additives in the European Union (no E-number ). However, the European Union has a standard to determine whether an extract can be used as a food material equivalent to the source of its extraction, that is, as Foods with colorful property ( color food) or colorant (pigment). Phycocyanin meets this standard and can be used as a food ingredient as a spirulina extract or concentrate.



Application area:


1. Extracted from the food raw material Spirulina through pure water, it can be eaten as natural food itself, which is safer and more natural.


2. The color is more pure and clear, the appearance effect is good, and it is easy to mix with other natural pigments such as red and yellow to obtain the ideal shade of purple, green and other colors. (Currently, there is no green pigment from real natural food sources)


3. Blue is one of the three primary colors. There are many natural pigments such as red and yellow, but blue is almost only one kind of phycocyanin. Solve the natural blue, you can solve the problem of natural pigments with multiple color systems and tones.


4. Not only provides colors, but also has rich nutrients and health effects.


As a nutritional supplement and SUPER FOOD in Europe, America and Japan , it is favored by more and more brands and consumers.

It is a kind of excellent plant protein itself, and it is higher-end SUPER FOOD than spirulina, chlorella, etc. It is more and more favored by European and American consumers.

It has significant health effects such as immunity enhancement, anti-tumor, anti-oxidation and anti-aging. In addition to traditional phycocyanin health products in Japan, there are more and more nutritional supplements based on phycocyanin in Europe and the United States.

The color of the product is unique and beautiful, which is a marketing highlight that attracts consumers' attention.


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