Natural stevia extract powder Introduction

Oct 10, 2017

Natural stevia extract powder Introduction

Stevioside, is a natural sweetener,extracted from sweet chrysanthemum stem leaf. It is a kind of natural sweet non fermented high sweetness and low heat value agent. The sweetness is 200 - 300 times that of sucrose, sucrose l/300 heat only. Which  can be used in place of sucrose can use Stevia.

Natural stevia extract powder Introduction

Compare with other chemical sweeteners sucrose, glucose and other natural sweetener cyclamate,aspartame. It has the characteristics of low calorie, high sweetness, good taste, high temperature resistance, good stability, non-toxic and safe to human body, but also it can lower blood pressure, promote metabolism, treat hyperacidity, too there are some secondary effects of obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, arteriosclerosis, dental caries and other patients.

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1.Green. Stevioside is a sweetener from composite herb Stevia extract. China Green Food Development Certification Center identified as "green food." 

2. Security. Stevia glycogen producing areas (South America, Paraguay, Brazil and other places) residents have been eating for hundreds of years, so far has not found any poison. Stevia does not participate in metabolism in the body, no accumulation, non-toxic effect, and its safety has been recognized by international organizations such as FAO and WHO

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3. Low calorific value. The sweetness of sucrose up to 200-300 times, heat only sucrose 1/300. Stevioside be used to make low calorie foods and beverages, and it’s very suitable for diabetics, people with obesity and atherosclerosis. 

4.Steadily. In the usual food and beverage processing conditions, stevioside properties are quite stable, is conducive to lower viscosity, inhibit bacterial growth, and extend the shelf life of products.  

Stability of acid, alkali and heat. In the pH3 at room temperature conditions,180 days basically no decomposition loss, nor precipitation. 


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