Minoxidil, A Useful Product For 70% Of Hair Loss

Jan 13, 2017

Minoxidil, A Useful Product For 70% Of Hair Loss

Minoxidil was originally used to control high blood pressure. It was later found to have an interesting side effect that was to reverse or slow down the process of baldness. Upjohn introduced a topical solution containing 2% minoxidil for the treatment of baldness and hair loss. The liquid in the United States and Canada to Rogaine name sales in Europe and the Asia-Pacific region is the use of Regaine name, in Taiwan translated as "built." 5% concentration of liquid specifically for men to use, and 2% concentration of liquid is suitable for women to use. 5% concentration of minoxidil ingredients sold in Taiwan, there are, for example: Falling hair growth series of health hair fluid, germinal germinal fluid and so on. The patent protection period for minoxidil has expired on 11 February 1996. The 5% foam formulation of minoxidil is as effective as a liquid formulation.



Minoxidil to promote hair growth mechanism is not yet fully understood. This drug has a nitric oxide group in its structural formula and may act as a potent agent for nitric oxide. [1] It is also a potassium channel opener, causing depolarization of the cell membrane. For large areas of hair loss, minoxidil is less effective. In addition, young men have five years of hair loss problems, it has a very significant effect. Currently, minoxidil is only used for head hair loss. [2] It is also a vasodilator. In theory, by expanding blood vessels and open potassium channels, so that more oxygen and nutrients to the hair follicle, will promote the hair follicle from the telogen to the growth phase.


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