Magic Natural Food Coloring Blue Butterfly Pea Powder

Dec 31, 2021

1. Introduction of Butterfly Pea Powder:


We selected Natural Butterfly Pea Flower as raw material.After natural drying(the nutrients are not lost).Polished to Natural Butterfly Pea Powder by the ultra-fine Machine.

Butterfly Pea Powder as a natural and healthy food that is loved by healthy people all over the world.




*100% pure natural food coloring powder without any additives.

*Superfine grinding and polishing powder.

*Good fluidity and good taste.

*Good stability,not afraid of discoloration in case of high temperature.

*After adding Butterfly Pea Powder into water:

Add weakly alkaline water, it will be blue color.

if add it into Acid alkaline food (such as Lemon) the color turn to purple Color.







The anthocyanin in the butterfly flower is about 10 times the general plant, which has a good antioxidant effect. Especially suitable for girls.

Strengthen your head health hair growth

Butterfly Pea Powder contains brassiness

, making the hair difficult to become old and gray and can promote the length of the head.

Keep skin shining and health

The ingredients of the antioxidant in the butterfly pollen can help increase the collagen and synthesis, so that the skin is not easy to aging.

Improve vision and night vision

The rich anthocyanin in the butterfly pollen is about 10 times the general plant, which can effectively improve vision problems, promote vision-sensitive sharpness and improve retina.





For baking:Cookies, cakes, milk powder, infant fortified foods, health products, candy etc.

For Beverage: Smoothies, beveragessweetened sago cream and yogurts etc.



5.Reference usage:



6.Storage Method& Stability:

Keep tightly closed container.Store Butterfly Pea Powder in cool dry place avoid of direct sunlight.


7.Shelf life

18 months when properly stored. 


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