Introduction of Papain

Dec 02, 2016

Introduction of Papain


Papain is a natural enzyme, a kind of endopeptidase enzyme containing hydrosulfide group (-SH), and its molecular weight is 21000, it is composed by 212 amino acid . Papain is extracted from the milky juice of the unripe papaya by biotechnology. It has protease, esterase activity and broad specificity.It has strong ability of hydrolyzing protein, polypeptide,ester,acid amide and strong synthetic capacity which can combine protein hydrolyzate into protein substances. This can be used for improving the nutritional value or function of the plants and the animal protein.


1. Processing Technology

Taking good advantage of the rich papaya resource of Pangbo papaya base,the strict concentration limit of microbe and heavy metal by using the biotechnology ,vacuum freeze drying technology and the membrane separation technique.Papain can achieve the pharma and food grade and improve the activity of papain.



Pangbo has achieved high separation rate by ultrafiltration technology.And have the high extract rate and achieve the highest activity 3500000u/g,which is the highest level in the world.


1. Food Industry

Papain can hydrolyze the macromolecular protein of food into small peptides and amino acid by the enzymatic reaction. Papain can be applied on hydrolyzing animal protein and plant protein, seabean etc. Papain can be used for meat tender enzyme, brewing clarification, biscuit crisp,healthy food, soy sauce fermentation and brewing. Papain can improve the nutritional value, reduce the cost and help digest system assimilate food. Papain can be widely used in chicken,pork, beef and seafood's protein hydrolyzing.


2. Biscuit Industry

Papain can hydrolyze the macromolecular protein of buiscuit into small peptides and amino acid by the enzymatic reaction.Therefore papain can reduce the flour dough's gluten,improve its plasticity and physicochemical property.And amino acid is helpful for sugars and amino substances to have complex maillard reaction which make the biscuit's colour more gold. The using of papain can reduce 10 %-25 % sodium metabisulfite's dosage thus can reduce the residual quantity of SO2. So papain can improve biscuit's quality.


3. Pharmaceutical Industry

The medicine such as papain tablets, papain eating throat tablets, papain digestive capsule etc made from papain compound can help ease swelling, alleviate inflammation, improve immunity, promote digestion.Papain can be used for test erythrocyte surface and blood group identification. It can treat gynecological disease,Glaucoma and insect bites.


4. Textile Industry

Wool shrinkproof:the wool which has treat with papain will be more tensile and soft.Papain can be applied on degumming and refine of silk.

5.Leather Industry

Depilatory made by papain will make the leather more shiny.

6. Forage Industry:

Papain can be put in the forage's formulation or directly put in the forage. It is helpful for promoting digestion of animals ,improving the utilization of the feed, cutting the cost of feeding and accelerating the growth. Papain can be advanced compound fertilizers' additives for vegetables and fruit.

7. Personal Care Chemicals Industry:

It can used for perfumed soap,washing soap,detergent and hand sanitizers etc.If the clothing is dirty by bloodstain, milk, juice, sauce and oil, it is hard to remove this stain. However adding some papain can remove easily.Therefore the papain has strong detergency,sterilization disinfection and it is safe to use.


8. Cosmetics Industry:

Papain can reduce the tyrosine vitality and remove the melanin. Papain can have some good influence on collagen, by which it can assist to fade freckles and enable the skin to appear even and white, protect the the cutin, accelerate the metabolism of epidermis cells and make skin-tendering. Papain can be added in toothpaste,mouthwash,dentifrice.It can clean mouth and remove tartar and dental calculus.



Activity is expressed by TU/mg , complies with the specifications of FCC Ⅳand JEFCA.



The reaction temperature is 20--80℃, changed according to the kind and concentration of the substrate. The suitable temperature is 50--65 ℃.

pH value is 3—9, changed according to the kind and concentration of the substrate .The suitable pH value is 6—7.

Enzyme recruitment is 0.2—0.6%(1000—3000u/g protein), adjusted according to different kinds of substrate.



If uptaking the enriched enzyme powder or droplet, it may cause allergic.

Long-term touch has stimulation to the skin, eyes and mucous membrane tissue.

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