Introduction and Function of Beer Yeast Powder

Jan 06, 2017

Introduction and Function of Beer Yeast Powder


Beer yeast is a very safe, nutrient-rich, balanced consumption of microorganisms. This product is use specially cultivated yeast, after washing, drying and special cell smashing process, has no fermentation activity, nutrient absorption rate as high as 90% or more, rich in 50 kinds of nutrients, is the most abundant B vitamins natural food and can be eaten directly.

Brewer's yeast contains almost no fat, starch and sugar, and contains excellent protein, complete B vitamins, a variety of biological minerals and high-quality dietary fiber. Low-fat, low-sugar, low-calorie (excluding cholesterol), high-quality complete protein (including the eight essential amino acids), the complete B vitamins, 14 species of the "three low four excellent" nutrition characteristics of its high: Life combination of high-quality minerals, high-quality functional dietary fiber. Nutrition yeast is characterized by balanced nutrition, the composition of its nutritional composition is particularly suitable for the needs of the human body, to balance the dietary structure of the irrational nutrition imbalance and eliminate the resulting alleviation of health problems.


1. Reduce blood sugar

Brewer's yeast to obtain high-quality organic chromium, can effectively reduce blood sugar, and no side effects

2. Weight lose:

Beer yeast contains five important ingredients that can help lose weight.

(1) dietary fiber: can promote intestinal peristalsis, increased satiety;

(2) chromium ions: can improve the body's insulin resistance phenomenon, to reduce the neutral fat is very effective;

(3) selenium ions: to enhance the function of the thyroid to help fat burning;

(4) Vitamin B group: accelerate the metabolism of carbohydrates and fats, rapid consumption of calories and promote the body and brain operations;

(5) non-absorbable fiber: to produce satiety.

3. Ease the pressure of life

Life stress, work pressure, is a common health worries of office workers. Excessive consumption of mental, lack of physical strength, diet is not normal, coupled with poor digestion of the intestine, derived from a sense of weariness, energy exhaustion you must not unfamiliar. It is recommended that you may wish to be rich in vitamin B group (morbid vitamins), amino acids (chicken essence) and a variety of vitamins, minerals, yeast powder, add to your diet.


1) 10 grams each time, water blunt, 3 times a day before meals, have a good weight loss results;

2) You can also add wheat germ, milk, soy milk, cereal, together with boiled water, or add yogurt, the taste will be better.

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