Green tea extract, you can't imagine the benefits(PART TWO)

Sep 13, 2017

Green tea, you can't imagine the benefit

green tea extract function:

4. Taking Care of your Teeth and Bright Eyes

The amount of fluoride in tea is high, which in every 100 grams of dry tea is 10 mg - 15 mg, and 80% is water soluble. If drink tea 10 grams per person a day, it can absorb water soluble fluorine 1 mg-1.5 mg, and tea is beverage alkaline, green tea can hold back the body of calcium, the prevention of dental caries, tooth, strong teeth, is beneficial.

According to the relevant data, among primary school students, the "drinking tea therapy mouth rinse" test, the rate of tooth decay can be reduced by 80%. According to the related medical unit, 28.6% of the tea drinking habits in cataract patients were found. Non-tea-drinking habits accounted for 71.4%. This is because the component such as vitamin C in the tea, can reduce the eye crystal turbidity, often drink tea, have positive effect to reduce eye disease.

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5. Green tea has the function of reducing fat to aid digestion

    This is because the caffeine in the tea can improve the secretion of gastric juice, which can help digestion and enhance the ability to decompose fat.

    Green tea is the main tea in China, with an annual output of 100,000 tons of tea, ranking the top of the six tea production. Green tea extract is an effective ingredient in extracting green tea, which can help you achieve the above functions quickly.

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