Grape Seed Extract Powder For Skin

Dec 21, 2020


Grape Seed Extract Powder contains a substance called grape polyphenols, called proanthocyanidins (OPC), which is a general term for a large class of polyphenol compounds that are widely present in plants. It is a highly effective free radical scavenger and is a plant discovered so far The most effective antioxidant in the source.

Proanthocyanidin (OPC) has an anti-free radical oxidation capacity 50 times that of vitamin E and 20 times that of vitamin C. It can remove toxic free radicals in the body, protect human cells and tissues from oxidative damage by free radicals, and prevent allergies, cancer, and aging. More than 80 kinds of diseases related to free radicals.

Procyanidins and Skin Health

Procyanidins have unique chemical and physiological activities and play multiple roles in skin care products, such as anti-aging, anti-ultraviolet, anti-radiation, whitening, moisturizing, etc., and have unique effects on skin aging caused by various factors.

Collagen Supplement, Anti-wrinkle

Vitamin C is an essential nutrient for the biochemical synthesis of collagen. Procyanidins promote more vitamin C to take effect and produce collagen. The anti-wrinkle effect of proanthocyanidin is based on its ability to maintain collagen synthesis, inhibit elastase, help the body protect collagen and improve skin elasticity, improve skin's healthy circulation, and help restore excessive cross-linking damage caused by injuries and free radicals, such as premature skin aging, dull complexion, and wrinkles.

Collagen Supplement, Anti-wrinkle

Firming, Moisturizing The Skin

OPC contains contractile effect, which makes the product containing proanthocyanidin have a very good adhesion ability to the skin under the waterproof condition, and can make the rough pores shrink, sweat glands expand, relax the skin firming, reduce wrinkles, and maintain the delicate skin.

The moisturizing effect of proanthocyanidins is based on the polyhydroxyl structure of proanthocyanidins, which is easy to absorb moisture in the air. Procyanidins can compound with polysaccharides (hyaluronic acid), proteins, lipids (phospholipids), polypeptides, etc.

Firming, Moisturizing The Skin

Brighten Skin Tone, Whiten Pots

Proanthocyanidins themselves have strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, scavenging free radicals, protecting cells and tissue systems, inhibiting the activity of tyrosinase, reducing the phthalic structure of melanin to a phenolic structure, and fading the pigment. Therefore, these characteristics of oligomeric proanthocyanidins make it occupy an important position in foreign sunscreen and whitening cosmetics.

Brighten Skin Tone, Whiten pots

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