Vitamin A Acetate Powder


Product Name:Vitamin A Acetate Powder
Other Name:Retinyl Acetate Powder
Vitamin A Acetate Content:500,000IU/g
Appearance:Light yellow, free-flowing powder
Molecular weight:328.49
CAS Number:127-47-9
Mesh:20 Mesh
Payment Method:T/T
Application:Feed Additive
Stock:In Stock
Shelf Life:24 Months

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What Is Vitamin A Acetate Powder?

Vitamin A can maintain normal visual function, maintain the health of epithelial tissue cells and promote the synthesis of immunoglobulin; maintain normal bone growth and development, promote growth and reproduction, inhibit tumor growth, etc. A substance necessary for stability. However, vitamin A is very unstable and is easily destroyed by acid, air, oxidizing substances, high temperature or ultraviolet rays, and is irritating to the skin. Vitamin A acetate is an ester derivative of vitamin A. It is an unsaturated ester, oily, easily oxidized, soluble in fat or organic solvent, but insoluble in water, difficult to be added to food uniformly, so its application range is limited.

Using a unique dual encapsulation technology, our vitamin A acetate powder granules contain 0.5-2um droplets of vitamin A acetate, embedded in gelatin and sucrose, and coated with starch. By microencapsulating the product, the sensitivity of the product to oxygen, heat, light and humidity is greatly reduced. After micro-encapsulation, its water solubility and stability are improved, and the form is changed from oil to powder, which is convenient for storage, transportation and processing.

Our Vitamin A Acetate beadlet is a free flowing pale yellow fine spherical granular powder and contains BHT as an antioxidant. Each gram of Retinyl Acetate powder contains 500,000 IU of vitamin A acetate.

Basic Information:

Test Item



Particle Size

100% through standard sieve No.20(840um)


Loss on Drying




90.0%~120.0% of the cholecalciferol content stated on the label


Labelled amount

Vitamin A Acetate content 500,000IU/g


Vitamin A Acetate Powder Health Benefits:

Vitamin A and its derivatives are an important class of medicines for the treatment of night blindness, xerophthalmia, keratomalacia, and dry skin. They can promote human growth and development and enhance resistance to diseases. At the same time, vitamin A is also an important feed additive. The main physiological functions of vitamins are:

1. It plays an important role in the function of the retina, affecting the formation, development and maintenance of epithelial tissue;

2. It can enhance the immunity of the body;

3. Regulate the growth and development of the human body for bone growth, reproduction and embryonic development;

4. It has a stable effect on various cell membranes, thereby regulating the permeability of the membrane;

5. It can maintain the normal function of nerve cells and inhibit the formation of cancer cells.

Applications Of Vitamin A Acetate Powder:

Vitamin A acetate is widely used in pharmaceuticals, nutritional supplements, feed additives, cosmetics and food processing industries.

1. Pharmaceutical field & Nutritional supplement field & Food processing field:

The main source of human vitamin A is diet, but not everyone can achieve a balanced diet or complete absorption. Therefore, it is particularly important to maintain the level of vitamin A in the body by eating some health foods containing vitamin A. The more stable and non-irritating vitamin A acetate is generally used in the production of over-the-counter drugs and health products.

2. Feed field:

Vitamin A can maintain normal visual function, maintain the health of epithelial tissue cells and promote the synthesis of immunoglobulins; maintain normal bone growth and development, promote growth and reproduction, and inhibit tumor growth. About 80% of domestic vitamin A is used in animal feed, and vitamin A acetate is dominant in pig and broiler feed.

Safe use of feed additives: 8-12.8 g/ton for finishing pigs; 28-32 g/ton for suckling pigs; 12-24 g/ton for freshwater fish; 16.5-19.8 g/Ton for breeding poultry.

Retinyl Acetate Powder feed additive

3. Cosmetics field:

Vitamin A acetate is a fat-soluble vitamin A, which is an essential factor for regulating the growth and health of epithelial cells, thinning the surface of rough and aging skin, promoting the normalization of cell metabolism, and significantly reducing wrinkles. It can be used in advanced cosmetics such as skin care, wrinkle removal and whitening.

Water solubility: 

Vitamin A acetate particles are insoluble in boiling water at 100°C, and the particles will expand in volume.

Stability and Storage: 

Vitamin A acetate powder are sensitive to air, light and humidity, and the unopened product can be stored for 24 months at room temperature. Keep the outer packaging sealed. Please use up as soon as possible.



How can I confirm the product quality before placing orders?


By sending you via our available samples, or preparing samples according to your requirements and send to you for your confirmation.


What's the MOQ?


Generally, the MOQ is 10g. For some high value product, the MOQ is 1g. For some low value products, the MOQ is 100g.


Is there any discount?


Yes, for large quantity, we always support with better price.


How do you treat quality complaint?


If the quality problem is confirmed to be caused by us, we will replace the goods or refund your payment immediately.

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