Silk Fibroin Protein Powder


Appearance:White Powder
Shelf Life:2 Years

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Silk Fibroin Protein Powder is a kind of silk protein with high molecular weight, water soluble. Silk Powder has the function of excellent natural humidity-control and caring for one's skin, preventing part of ultraviolet radiation, prevent and curing some skin disease result from all kinds of dampness and dryness. It has super effect used in prevent sunshine produce.

Silk Fibroin Protein Powder possesses the unique ability of absorbing oil, therefore it is suitable for the cosmetics applied to the oily skin. The particle size is from 5um to 100um with various specifications. Our extra fine Silk Powder can more easily mixed with cosmetic than common ones with thinner particle size.



10% 20% 10:1 20:1 100:1 200:1

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1. Silk fibroin powder has the function of natural moistening, nourishing skin and promoting healing of skin wounds:
2. Application of skin protecting products enriched with silk fibroin powder on skin can reach the effects of facial beautification and preventing many skin diseases.
3. Clinical trials show that it has good therapy effects for several dermatosis, such as Skin Cracks, Dermatitis.
4. The experimental results show that silk fibroin powder has no irritability and can accelerate healing of wounds.
5.It can prevent corrosion and damage of dusts, coating, acid and alkaline chemical substances on skin.
6. Silk fibroin powder is very excellent hair-protecting function:
The protection for hair includes absorbability and adsorption, membrane, moisture retention.


Applied in pharmaceutical field.

1. It can anti-inflammatory, restrain facial cells.

2. Promote union of facial wound.

Applied in cosmetic field.

1. Silk fibroin protein powder has the ability to absorb uv light, prevent ultraviolet rays from entering the skin, whitening skin.

2. Anti-aging, is widely used in cosmetic field.



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