What Is Kosher Certificate

Nov 28, 2019

What Is kosher Certificate

A basic principle of Kosher means described food and drink that complies with Jewish religious dietary law.

Our newest kosher certificate was updated on November 1, 2019. There are total 286 products approved by Kosher certification authority.

Our main and leading products are Ginseng extract, Reshi mushroom extract, Chaga mushroom extract,Turmeric extract, Milk thistle extract, Green tea extract, Aloe vera extract, Maca extract, PS(Phosphatidylserine), Soybean extract, Goji extract, Phycocyanin powder, Spirulina extract, Rhodiola rosea extract, Epimedium extract.

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The certificate is only partially displayed, because of too much pages. contact us get whole certificate.

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