2022 SOST Hosts Exciting Team Building Activities

Jul 02, 2022

On the morning of July 2, 2022, all the staff take on the bus and set out to a place that integrates development training and leisure and entertainment in the suburb of Xi'an. After arriving at the destination, one of the workers there takes us around and give a briefly introduce. After that, we all took a group photo together.


Next is team game time. We are divided into three groups and compete between groups. In the game, we not only gained laughter, but more importantly, we realized the importance of teamwork and the cohesion of the big family of SOST. After the game is over, we start the barbecue. Female colleagues actively prepare ingredients, while male colleagues take turns grilling food and then we all enjoy the food together. This fully demonstrates that SOST is a collective with a clear division of labor and mutual help and love.


Good times always go by too fast. Although the time of a day is short and limited, the value of this day's activities to each SOST person is infinite. Every employee at SOST is a dream chaser with love, passion and dedication. SOST is also a trusted partner for every customer all over the world.

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