Lactic Acid Powder For Skin


Molecular formula:C3H6O3
Payment method:T/T
Annual supply capacity:3000 tons
Delivery time:Within 3 working days
Certificates:ISO, HALAL, KOSHER, EU Organic, USA Organic, FDA
Grade:Cosmetic grade

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Lactic acid powder for skin is a product of Xi’ an Sost Biotech Co., Ltd. Lactic acid is naturally found in dairy products. Will you be surprised when you hear someone uses dairy products to soften and beauty their skin? Do you find that lactic acid is a common ingredient in skin care products? Most of us may think lactic acid is a food additive, but in fact, it is one of the most popular alpha hydroxy acids which exfoliate and improve skin texture, but it has an extra benefit you won't get from other AHAs. It helps improve the skin's natural moisture factor, or the way the skin keeps itself hydrated. Basically, lactic acid helps to keep the skin moisturized and feeling less dry.


1. It helps remove old, dull skills on the surface of your skin.

2. It keeps your skin moist.

3. It can help fade sun spots.

4. It can soften fine lines.



1. It is a healthy product which can dissolve easily in different solutions, which makes it a good choice for you to make skin care product like face mask by hands at home to improve your skin.

2. It is a great material to be used as an ingredient in cosmetic products.


Xi’ an Sost Biotech Co., Ltd is a lactic acid powder for skin manufacturer and supplier with the history for more than 17 years. And we have the product in stock. In addition, the customized service and free sample are available. And the after-sale service is one of our advantages.

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