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Cas number:404-86-4
Molecular formula:C18H27NO3
Molecular weight:305.41
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Test method:HPLC
Shelf life: 2 Years
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What Is Capsaicin Powder Bulk?

Capsaicin powder bulk is the product extracted form chili peppers. It is an active component of chili peppers, which are plants belonging to the genus Capsicum. It is a chemical irritant for mammals, including humans, and produces a sensation of burning in any tissue with which it comes into contact. Capsaicin and several related alkaloids are called capsaicinoids and are produced as secondary metabolites by chili peppers, probably as deterrents against certain mammals and fungi. 

As a molecular compound found in spicy peppers, capsaicin has no dietary content, such as calories or additional nutrients. It’s found in every part of the pepper except for the seed, although the highest concentration of capsaicin is found in the inner wall where the seeds attach.

While many find the heat of these peppers exciting for creating YouTube videos of themselves eating the hottest ones they can get their hands on, capsaicin is valuable for more than just entertainment. It’s been a proven aid to weight loss, the fight against cancer and even chronic pain. This is because capsaicin binds to a vanilloid receptor known as TRPV1, which is signaled by heat and also receives signals when cells in the body are physically burned or injured.

Once the capsaicin molecule has bound to the TRPV1 receptor, the brain is signaled that a hot or burning event has occurred and, in turn, causes a mild inflammatory reaction meant to repair the cells affected. It’s by this reaction that many of capsaicin’s benefits probably occur.


Basic Information:





Off white Cyrstal Powder



Meet the requriements


Assay (Capsaicin)



Loss on drying



Ignition residue






Heavy metal


1 ppm

Total plate count



Yeast & Mold



E. Coli






Capsaicin Powder Bulk Benefits:

1. May Be Helpful in Treating Cancer

Arious studies show capsaicin can effectively fight prostate cancer, including a 2006 study at the UCLA School of Medicine, stating it has a “profound antiproliferative effect” on this type of cancer. Researchers found that taking capsaicin orally significantly stopped the spread of prostate cancer cells as well as caused apoptosis in more than one type of prostate cancer cell. 

In a gerbil study, scientists also discovered capsaicin to be effective against H. pylori-induced gastritis. Capsaicin, along with piperine, in this study acted by decreasing inflammation caused by the virus, and it was determined, therefore, to be a useful way to potentially prevent the next step in this bacterial infection: gastric cancer. 

Another type of cancer capsaicin may be useful in fighting is breast cancer. A breakthrough study was released in South Korea in late 2015 that found capsaicin may also help kill an additional type of cell: breast cancer stem cells.

2. Relieves Pain

Capsaicin is a commonly known pain-relief agent. It seems that, in large part, capsaicin provides analgesic relief by activating the TRPV1 receptor, which then causes the brain to release a neurotransmitter called “substance P.” 

3. Treats Psoriasis

In addition to treating pain, capsaicin has been long known for its ability to treat various skin conditions, including the dry, itchy skin of psoriasis. 

4. Aids in Management of Diabetes

Capsaicin is very useful when aiming to prevent and treat diabetes. Consistently consuming foods high in this nutrient has been proven to improve the blood sugar and insulin reactions in both men and women, and also in women with gestational diabetes. 

5. Helps in Weight-Loss Efforts

Research has found that eating these spicy foods may lower body weight, speed metabolism, help burn fat and suppress appetite in animals. Capsaicin consumption also improves athletic performance and overall physical endurance. 


1. As a food additive. As a food seasoning, the capsaicinine of pepper has to undergo a leaching process, and the bioavailability of capsaicinine is not high. At the same time, the alkali continues to be released in the intestine, irritating the intestinal wall, which can cause abdominal discomfort, and even cause anal burning pain and induce hemorrhoids. As a food additive, capsaicin is beneficial to the control of spiciness and the full absorption and utilization of capsaicin.

2. In terms of medicine and health care: modern research shows that capsaicin has anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anesthesia and detoxification effects, and its analgesic effect is equivalent to that of morphine, but it is more durable than morphine. In addition, capsaicin can also inhibit the occurrence of malignant tumors, and also has special effects on the treatment of skin diseases and weight loss.

3. Applied to marine antifouling coatings: some attached organisms in the ocean, such as barnacles, seaweed, shellfish, etc., are largely attached to the bottom of ships, buoys, docks, bridge piers, seawater pipelines and aquaculture cages and nets for human development. The ocean causes great harm. As a repellent, capsaicin has a strong repelling effect and does not kill marine organisms, which has obvious ecological benefits.

4. As an anti-term and anti-rat repellent in wire and cable: the buried wire and cable are damaged by termites, mice or hares, and the strong spicy taste of capsaicin can make the oral mucosa and taste nerves of rodent animals suffer. It is strongly stimulated and hates chewing, and at the same time can kill termites, and has broad application prospects in wire and cable.

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