Carrageenan Powder


1.Specification:Pure refined carrageenan (cosmetics)
2.Sample:Free Sample
3.Customized service:Available
4.Payment method:T/T
5.Annual supply capacity:1,500 tons
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9.Shelf Life:24 Months
10.Grade:Food/Cosmetic Grade

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Carrageenan Powder



Carrageenan Powder, is a white or light brown granule or powder, odorless or slightly odorous, with a sticky texture. The chemical structure of carrageenan is a linear polysaccharide compound composed of D-galactose and 3,6-anhydro-D-galactose residues. And according to the position of the hemisulfate group attached to the galactose, carrageenan can be divided into seven types: k-carrageenan, L-carrageenan, r-carrageenan, λ-carrageenan, ξ-carrageenan, φ-carrageenan, and θ-carrageenan. And currently, k-type, L-type and A-type carrageenan or their mixtures are produced and used, especially k-type is common.

Carrageenan is white or light brown granules or powder, odorless or slightly odorous, with a sticky and smooth taste. Dissolved in water at about 80°C, it forms a viscous, clear or slightly milky solution that flows easily. It is easier to disperse in water if first wetted with ethanol, glycerin or saturated sucrose aqueous solution. Boil the solution with 30 times of water for 10min, and then become colloid after cooling. Combine with water to increase the viscosity, and react with protein to act as emulsification, making the emulsion stable.

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Product Name

Carrageenan Powder


Pure refined carrageenan (cosmetics)


Compound carrageenan (meat products)


Jelly powder

Molecular formula

Class white or light yellow powder

Molecular weight

80 mesh



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Why use carrageenan?

1 Carrageenan has the unique ability to complex with proteins in milk, so it can form thixotropic shake soluble structures in milk beverages and prevent precipitation due to inter-particle aggregation.

2 Carrageenan can be used as clarifying agent and foam stabilizer in alcoholic beverages.

3 Carrageenan has good milk protein reaction ability, which can prevent the phenomenon of whey separation due to the addition of CMC.

4 Carrageenan is used in ham and ham sausage for gelation, emulsification, water retention and elasticity enhancement, most notably to provide proper water retention.

5 In the cosmetic industry, carrageenan can be used as colloid and paste to play a stabilizing and not easy to mold role.

The role of carrageenan in food:


1. Prevention of precipitation due to inter-particle aggregation:

As a suspending agent and stabilizer, carrageenan can make the fine pulp particles evenly suspended in the juice and greatly slow down the sinking rate. At the same time, because of the low viscosity of carrageenan, it is not easy to cause paste, and can improve the taste when drinking. The application of carrageenan as a stabilizer in solid drinks can improve their brewability, and the drink is stable and not easy to stratify after brewing.

2. Improved biological stability and extended shelf life:

Since carrageenan can interact with protein, it is an effective wort clarifier, making the product clear and transparent, favoring yeast growth, and facilitating filtration, reducing filtration losses, increasing wort yield, improving biological stability of beer, and extending the shelf life of beer.

3.Unique gelability:

Carrageenan is the preferred gelling agent for jellies because of its unique gelation properties. Fruit jellies made from carrageenan are elastic and have no water separation.

4 Water Retention

It has good water-holding capacity even when used to make products with a high rate of manufacture, and is a necessary additive for making ham sausages because it can complex with proteins and provide a fairly good organizational structure, giving the product a fine, well-sliced, and good taste.



Jelly, meat products, beverages, dairy products, beauty products, etc. but does not include baby products.


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3.Where To Buy

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How can I confirm the product quality before placing orders?


By sending you via our available samples, or preparing samples according to your requirements and send to you for your confirmation.


What's the MOQ?


Generally, the MOQ is 10g. For some high value product, the MOQ is 1g. For some low value products, the MOQ is 100g.


Is there any discount?


Yes, for large quantity, we always support with better price.


How do you treat quality complaint?


If the quality problem is confirmed to be caused by us, we will replace the goods or refund your payment immediately.








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