Red Chilli Powder


Appearance:Red fine powder
Payment method:T/T
Annual supply capacity:1000 tons
Delivery time:1-3 working days
Certificates:ISO9001, Halal, Kosher, Organic
Stock:In stock
Shelf life:24 months
Grade:Food grade

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What Is Red chilli powder?

Red chilli powder is a quite essential spice powder used in everyday cooking. Red chilli powder is easily available in supermarkets these days but loaded with artificial colors and preservatives. As a red chilli powder manufacturer with more than 17 years, our red chilli powder is not only free from chemicals and colors, it is fresh more flavourful and aromatic. Similar to Indian red chilli powder which is also called lal mirch in Hindi, usually we sun dry red chillies in bulk and give to mill for grinding to get the product. We need both color and spice level to our red chilli powder which is perfect for every day use. So while using our red chilli powder you get the flavour, hotness and color to the dish.

Red chilli

Basic Information:





Fine Red Powder






98% pass 80 mesh





Loss on drying




Total Plate Count



Yeast & Moulds









What Is The Health Benefit Of Red chilli powder?

Red chillies are rich in beta-carotene. However, the nutritional aspect of red chillies that is of most interest is capsaicin, the compound that causes peppers to "burn." Capsaicin appears to have a positive effect on blood cholesterol and also acts as an anticoagulant. Some scientists speculate that in response to the discomfort of chili "burns," the brain releases endorphins, which, at high levels, can cause Create a feeling of pleasure.

1.The main component of the red chilli powder is capsaicin. This particular element helps in reducing the normal inflammations and aches in the body muscles and other tissues.

2.Having a mild chilli powder in your food will improve your digestive health. It facilitates the secretion of the enzymes and bile, which speeds up the entire digestive process.

3.Capsaicin is also quite effective in reducing your hunger cravings, thereby preventing you from eating too often. Also, it helps in the fat-burning metabolic process by speeding it up.

4.The red chilli powder also contains iron, one of the essential minerals that your body needs to maintain the proper flow of oxygen through the blood.

5.Red chili powder is known to be a friendly angel for your heart. It reduces the risks of stroke, heart attack, and other problems associated with your cardiac health.

pure chilli powder

The Application Of Red Chilli Powder:

Red chilli powder is a spice commonly used in the kitchen to make food spicier. Used in moderation it can add a lovely red glow and rich flavor to dishes.

The Best Red Chilli Powder Manufacturer:

Sost, a producer with its own factory, already has a partnership with Nestlé and a partnership with Northwest A&F University. We have our own warehouses in North America, Sweden and Malaysia, and it takes up to 7 days from your order to your delivery. We are fully certified with EU Organic, USDA Organic, Halal, Kosher, FAD, HACCP and ISO.

Why Choose Sost’s Red Chilli Powder?

Sost has specialized in red chilli powder for 17 years. We offer competitively priced products that have third-party inspection reports to ensure they are safe to use worldwide. If you are not satisfied with what you have received, we can provide hassle-free returns and exchanges.

Where to Buy Red Chilli Powder?

Just send email to, or submit your requirement in bottom form, we are of service at any time!



How can I confirm the product quality before placing orders?


By sending you via our available samples, or preparing samples according to your requirements and send to you for your confirmation.


What's the MOQ?


Generally, the MOQ is 10g. For some high value product, the MOQ is 1g. For some low value products, the MOQ is 100g.


Is there any discount?


Yes, for large quantity, we always support with better price.


How do you treat quality complaint?


If the quality problem is confirmed to be caused by us, we will replace the goods or refund your payment immediately.

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