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Vegetable Powder

Vegetable powder is made of vegetable raw materials, which are first dried and dehydrated, and then further crushed. Or beat pulp first, the pulverous form vegetable grain that undertakes spray drying again after even and becomes.
Vegetable powder is an extension of dehydrated vegetables, which covers carrot powder, tomato powder, potato powder, pumpkin powder, red beet powder, spinach powder, celery powder, mountain yam powder and other vegetable categories.
Vegetable powder can be applied to various fields of food processing, which is conducive to improving the nutritional composition of the product, improving the color and flavor of the product and enriching the variety of the product. It can be mainly used in: pasta products, such as adding radish powder to noodles and processing them into carrot noodles; Puffed food, such as tomato powder as puffed food seasoning; Meat products, such as ham sausage with vegetable powder; Dairy products, such as a variety of fruit and vegetable powder added to the milk products; For confectionery products, apple powder and grass powder are added in the process of confectionery processing; Baked goods, such as biscuits in the processing of Onions, tomato powder and so on.
As one of leading vegetable powder manufacturers in China, SOST is committed itself to the development of natural organic supplement, which brings great benefits for humankind. Welcome to wholesale the pure vegetable powder with best price from our factory.
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