SOST USA Warehouse Clearance Sale

Mar 17, 2020

USA Warehouse

SOST USA Warehouse Clearance Sale 

March promotion is in progress. We are clearing out our stock in 14821 Northam St. La Mirada , CA 90638. The products detail are as follow:

Product Name
SpecificationQuantity of Stock
Grape Seed Extract95% OPC325 Kg
98% OPC200 Kg
Apple Cider Vinegar Powder8%600 Kg
L-Glutathione Reduced> 98%40 Kg
Reishi Extract50% Polysaccharide50 Kg
Cinnamon Extract20:1750 Kg
Sea-buckthorn Juice Powder
200 Kg
Goji Juice Powder
50 Kg
Pomegranate Juice Powder
500 Kg
Cabbage Powder
1703 Kg

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