Forget The Black Friday, 11.11 Is The Biggest Shopping Festevial Around The World

Nov 09, 2016

Double 11.11( Singles Day) is an Network Promotion Day celebrated in 11th November every year. On this day, many online sellers will carry out massive promotional activities.

Double 11.11 Shopping Festival is originated from Taobao (Tmall) on November 11, 2009. At that time, Sellers and Promotions are limited, but turnover is far more that expected, so 11th November become the fixed date when Taobao (Tmall) held large-scale promotional activities. In recent years, Double 11.11 has become annual event in E-commerce and gradually affect the international e-commerce industry.

Transaction Data:

11th November, 2014

0:01:00   100.000.000

One minute after start, online transaction break through 100.000.000


Online transaction reach, in 2013, this number spent 6 minutes.


The first order was delivered at 0:15:00, 15 minutes after start.



Online transaction is

11th November, 2015
00.00.18  100.000.000

18 seconds after start, online transaction break through 100.000.000



Online transaction is RMB


    There are 217 countries participated in this activity, North of the earth Green islands and  the south of the earth Chile, Only one hundred thousand of the Indian Ocean island: The Republic of Seychelles. Also with thetourist attraction: Barbados.


There were 278.000.000 orders in 11th November, 2014

The first order was delivered 15 minutes after start.

By bonded mode, Mr. Chen got the milk powder he bought from Netherlands at 02.05.00 am and became the first buyer in cross-border e-commence.

    Market fully reflected the enthusiasm and ability of Consumer, and also create a new record of China retail business. This figure has surpassed American e-commerce industry's high record in 2011. Data shows America's biggest online shopping - Cyber Monday's transaction  was $1.25 billion, 7.8 billion in RMB.

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