Vitamin B1 Thiamine Hydrochloride


Vitamin B1 is also known as thiamin. The role of thiamin in the body is to participate in sugar metabolism in the form of carboxylase, a coenzyme of the transhydroxylglyoxalase system, which is a key material basis for substance metabolism and energy metabolism.

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1Basic Information


Product Name

Vitamin B1Thiamine hydrochloride


White acicular crystalline powder



Molecular formula


Molecular weight




Melting point

248 ° C (decomp)


1.3175 (roughestimate)

Index of refraction



Highly soluble in water, slightly soluble in ethanol, insoluble in ether, benzene, chloroform and acetone.

2. Introduction :


Vitamin B1 Thiamine hydrochloride is also known as thiamin. The role of thiamin in the body is to participate in sugar metabolism in the form of carboxylase, a coenzyme of the transhydroxylglyoxalase system, which is a key material basis for substance metabolism and energy metabolism. Vitamin B1 is also involved in the oxidative decarboxylation in the body and is necessary for the metabolism of branched-chain amino acids. In addition, vitamin B1 plays an important role in the promotion of appetite, normal peristalsis of the gastrointestinal tract and the secretion of digestive juices. Vitamin B1 is mainly found in the outer skin and germ of seeds, such as rice bran and bran is rich in content, in yeast is also extremely rich in content. Lean meat, cabbage and celery are also rich in content. The vitamin B1 used is a chemically synthesized product. In the body, vitamin B1 is involved in the catabolism of sugar in the form of coenzyme and has a protective effect on the nervous system; it also promotes gastrointestinal motility and increases appetite.



Vitamin B1 Thiamine hydrochloride  also known as "thiamine" and "thiamin", is one of the B vitamins. It promotes normal glucose metabolism and is essential for maintaining normal nerve conduction, heart and gastrointestinal tract functions. It combines with adenosine triphosphate to form vitamin B1 pyrophosphate (thiamine diphosphate, i.e., coenzyme), which is an essential coenzyme for carbohydrate metabolism, and the lack of this coenzyme can lead to the formation of pyruvate and lactate accumulation due to the blockage of oxidative metabolism, affecting the body's energy supply. Vitamin B1 can also inhibit the activity of cholinesterase, when lacking; cholinesterase activity is enhanced, acetylcholine hydrolysis accelerated, resulting in impaired nerve impulse conduction, affecting gastrointestinal and cardiac muscle function.



Vitamin B1 Thiamine hydrochloride is one of the B vitamins, mainly used for the prevention and treatment of vitamin B1 deficiency and its causes of beriberi or Wernickes' encephalopathy, but also for peripheral neuritis, myocarditis, dyspepsia, congestive heart failure and other adjuvant treatment; for vitamin B1 supplementation: including burns, fever, long-term chronic infection patients; malabsorption syndrome with hepatobiliary system diseases (such as alcoholism with Cirrhosis), small intestine diseases (such as celiac disease, persistent diarrhea, etc.), post-gastrectomy, hyperthyroidism and patients on hemodialysis; malnutrition due to prolonged parenteral nutrition or insufficient intake, heavy laborers, and pregnant and lactating women.


Suitable for vitamin B1 Thiamine hydrochloride deficiency, with the function of maintaining normal glucose metabolism and nerve conduction, also used in the auxiliary treatment of indigestion, neuritis, etc.

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