Taurine Crystal Powder


Appearance:White Needle-Like Crystalline Powder
Specification:99% As Customers' Request
CAS NO.:107-35-7
Shelf Life:2 Years

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SOST Biotech supply taurine crystal powder. Taurine (Taurine), also known as β-amino ethanesulfonic acid, the first separation from the bezoar, so named. Pure product is colorless or white oblique crystal, odorless, taurine chemical stability, insoluble in ether and other organic solvents, is a sulfur-containing non-protein amino acids, in the body to the free state, do not participate in the body protein Biosynthesis. Taurine, although not involved in protein synthesis, but it is with cystine, cysteine metabolism is closely related. Human synthesis of taurine cysteine sulfite carboxylase (CSAD) activity is low, mainly rely on ingestion of food taurine to meet the needs of the body.

Taurine Extract



10% 20% 10:1 20:1 100:1 200:1

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1. Taurine could accelerate the growth of the nervous system.

2. Taurine plays an important role in the maintenance of normal vision.

3. Feed grade taurine powder could improve the immune system and help the growth of the body.

4. Taurine could accelerate the digestion of fat and plays a role in gall bile metabolization.

5. Taurine helps to maintain the brain function and accelerate & upgrowth the brain of baby and children.

6. Taurine plays a role in endocrine balance, and it could adjust and protect the body'scardiovascular system.


1. Applied in pharmaceutical field.

2. Applied in health care products field.

3. Applied in food field.



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