Schisandra Berries extract

Schisandra Berries extract


Extracted part :Fruit
Specifications :10:1;20:1,Chinensis 5%
Appearance: Brown yellow fine powder


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Schisandra Berries extract has beneficial effects for the liver health and is used in the treatment of chronic hepatitis. Lignan of schizandrin B, y-schizandrin reduces ALT, it promotes glycogen, strengthen and improves activity of hepatic microsomal drug-metabolizin, NADH, inophenazone cyclamate DMI, benzoyl. It also reduces urine albumen for elimination, improves the biochemical index of serum, protects liver cells.


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10% 20% 10:1 20:1 100:1 200:1

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1. Schisandra Berries extract is used to enhance immunity;

2. It has the usage of antioxidant and antimicrobial;

3. With the function of treating chronic diarrhea and dysentery;

4. It has the effect on improving the body disease-resistant ability, liver and gastrointestinal;

5.Schisandra extract owns the function of dispelling heat, eliminating irritability, diuretic, cooling blood and detoxification.


1.It can be applied in the pharmaceutical field, schisandra fruit extract powder with the good effect of treating hepatitis;

2.It can be applied inthe health product field, schisandra fruit extract powder is a natural health product to regulate sleeping;

3.It can be applied in the food field, schisandra fruit extract has become a new raw material which used in food and beverage industry.


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