Mastic Gum Extract


Source:Resin of the frankincense tree
Appearance:White Powder
CAS No:631-69-6
Molecular formula:C30H48O3
Molecular weight:456.71
Payment method:T/T
Annual supply capacity:5000 tons
Delivery time:Within 3 working days
Certificates:ISO, HALAL, KOSHER etc.

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Mastic gum extract, the natural powder extracted from resin of the frankincense tree, is a strong product of Xi an Sost Biotech Co,.Ltd. which has 17 year’s history of producing plant extracts and has strong supply capacity. Since we not only provide high-quality products, offer reasonable price, but also we have a warehouse in America so that we can ship your order quickly, we have been a reliable friend to customers all over the world. Recently, the boswellin extract powder has been a hot sale product.



Boswellin extract is widely used in medicine, weight loss products and cosmetics.

25Anti-inflammatory agent:

Boswellin extract has a good activation of the peroxidase activation receptor, so it plays an important role in the treatment of skin injury.

25Lose weight products:

Boswellin extract can enhance lipase activity can be enhanced to help fat decomposition.


25Washing supplies for oily skin:

The activation of cystein proteases can promote the life of cell life, with anti-aging.



1. Anti-infection, treatment of gas, treatment cough.

2. Adjusting mucus secretion, helps digestion, helps strike, with a cool effect on the head, and has a clear lung effect.

3. Conditioning the stimulated skin and aging skin, calm wrinkles, balance the oily skin, and promotes wound healing.

4. Live blood and pain, swelling and swollen muscles. For chest pain, gastric pain, dysmenorrhea, postpartum sand, rheumatism, tendon, deaceary, swollen skeletons.


If you are interested in Mastic gum Extract and want to wholesale it as a raw material, Xi an Sost Biotech is a good partner for you. Looking forward to cooperating with you.



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