Mangosteen Extract


Extracted Part:All the fruit
Molecular formula:C20H2606.C6H1206
Molecular weight:686.71
CAS No:6147-11-1
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Delivery time:Within 3 working days
Certificates:ISO,HALAL,KOSHER etc.

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Production Introduction


In the tropical rainforest area, the mangosteen is a household name. People call it "after the fruit" and "God's fruit", the reason why mangosteen is called "fruit", mangosteen peel or outer skin contains rich xanthone. Mangosteen contains 16.8% of soluble solids, 0.63% citric acid, and other vitamins B1, B2, C4 and minerals.

Main Ingredients


The mangosteen extract is an active ingredient extracted by the raw material,contains kettleone, phenolic acid, ginsell, polymerized tannasic acid. 


Anti-oxidize effect:

Mangosteen powder has a good beauty skin care, based on it can effectively remove excessive oxygen free radicals, enhance anti-wrinkle, effectively delay skin aging. The antioxidant activity of the n-butanol solvent and ethyl acetate solvent is best.

There is a good antioxidant activity, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-allergy effect. In foreign countries, it is increasingly attached importance to the field of dermatology. At present, cosmetics companies in Japan, South Korea, the United States, France have launched mangosteen extraction. The cosmetics series of the main ingredients, such as the Japanese ChemicalBook Stone Ze Research Institute, Korea IT'skin brand, American praise, etc. The continuous expansion of organizational proliferation research, and its application in the field of dermatology will also be more and more extensive.


Antibacterial action:

Mangosteen powder has a strong inhibitory effect on a variety of pathogenic nosomes in nature. It is possible to inhibit the growth of a common bacteria in Dermatology, which also has inhibitory effects on some ingredients. Mangosteen polysaccharide extracts can stimulate phagocytic bacteria, stimulating white blood cells in phagocytosis, stimulating white blood cells exerts phagocytosis, sterilization.


Anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic effects:

From the two mangosteen brass, A, Y-inverted pins in mangosteen, can significantly inhibit the nitric oxide product of lipopolysaccharide and the nitric oxide product and nitric oxide synthase. Express. The study suggests that the level of two substances is reduced to the psyllium ketone mainly by the inhibition of epoxidase 2 activity and nitric oxide products. For the claw edema model caused by the injection of rat horn, after 3 hours of alpha-inverted, it was found to have a significant inhibitory effect. γ-inverted seed can inhibit mice neuronal cell synthesis prostaglandin. Therefore, these two substances have good anti-inflammatory effects as a precursor compound developed anti-inflammatory drugs. Studies have shown that 40% ethanol extracts have a strong inhibitory effect on immunoglobulin E-mediated RBL-2H3 cell histamine. The mangosteen powder produces the gray organism on the long sand, in addition, there is a significant inhibitory effect on the allergic reactions of rat passive skin, indicating that mangosteen powder has better antimidemine and anti-skin allergies.


Improve immunity:

Mangosteen extract also enhances the role of improving the immunity of the body. 

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