Natural Instant Black Tea Extract Powder

Natural Instant Black Tea Extract Powder


Part of Use:Leaf
Appearance:Brown Powder
Specification:10:1, 20:1. As Customers' Require

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Black tea extract is a product formed by taking black tea as raw material, obtaining and concentrating one or more active components in plants in the process of physical and chemical extraction and separation according to the needs of the final product extracted, without changing the structure of its active components.At present, China's plant extracts are generally intermediates products, the current use is very wide, mainly used in medicine, health food, tobacco, cosmetics raw materials or auxiliary


Part of Use



10:1, 20:1. As Customers' Require


Brown Powder

Test Method


FUNCTION tea extract powder have anti-inflammatory effect; tea extract powder can absorb heavy metals and alkaloids, and precipitation decomposition;
3.For vascular system and heart stimulants to speed up blood circulation, promote metabolism; tea extract powder with anti-caries, stomach digestion, anti-aging, blood sugar, blood pressure, blood fat, anti-cancer, anti-radiation effect; tea extract powder to stimulate the cerebral cortex, excitatory nerve center, to eliminate the effect of fatigue;
6.Increased renal blood flow, inhibit tubular reabsorption of water led to increased urine output is beneficial to rid the body of lactic acid,ease of edema caused by heart disease or nephritis.


1. Applied in foods field.

2. Applied in beverages field.

3. Applied in cosmetics field.

4. Applied in health products field.


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