20% Phosphatidylserine Powder


Part of Use:Seed
Appearance:Light Yellow Powder
CAS NO.:51446-62-9


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20% Phosphatidylserine Powder is an important phospholipid in bacteria, yeast, plant and mammalian cells. Phosphatidyl serine is called compound nerve acid.Extracted from natural soybean oil residue. Is an active substance in cell membranes, especially in brain cells. Its function is mainly to improve the function of nerve cells, regulate the conduction of nerve impulses, and enhance the memory function of the brain. Due to its strong lipophilicity, it can quickly pass the blood-brain barrier and enter the brain after absorption, playing the role of soothing vascular smooth muscle cells and increasing the blood supply to the brain.

Phosphatidylserine Powder

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1. Improve brain function, concentration and memory.

2. Relieve pressure, promote the recovery of mental fatigue, and balance emotions.

3. 20% phosphatidylserine powder can help repair brain damage.


1. Applied in food field, it is added into kinds of beverage, liquor and foods as functional food additive.

2. Applied in health product field, it is widely added into various kinds of health products to prevent chronic diseases or relief symptom of climacteric syndrome.

3. Applied in cosmetics field, it is widely added into the cosmetics with the function of delaying aging and compacting skin, thus make skin much smooth and delicate.

4. Applied in the pharmaceutical field do medicine raw material.


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