Health Care Series Ingredients

Due to high pressure of life and work pressure, many men's bodies are showing sub-health state, causing great trouble to men, so they should pay attention to health maintenance in daily life, to maintain a healthy body.
Main products:
Tongkat Ali Extract: It reduces the conversion of testosterone to estrogen, decreases the level of sex hormone binding globulin in your body and reduces cortisol, the stress hormone that lowers testosterone.
Catuaba Extract: It is functional for nocturnal emission impotence, urine and more, enuresis frequency.
Black Ant Extract: It has many functions, like increase endurance, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, calm and analgesic action, protect liver function, promote breast lactation function improvement action.
Saw Palmetto Extract Powder: It can prevent and relieve symptoms of prostate enlargement (benign prostatic hyperplasia).
Cynomorium extract: It has an impact on genital system to strengthen the activity of sperm, so it is a good cure for malesterility.
As one of leading men's health series manufacturers in China, SOST is committed itself to the development of natural organic supplement, which brings great benefits for humankind. Welcome to wholesale the pure men's health series with best price from our factory.
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