Natural Grape Seed Extract Makes Diabetes Less Scary

Sep 15, 2021

Grape Seed Extract

Diabetes has become a major chronic disease threatening human health, affecting more than 200 million patients with chronic metabolic diseases worldwide. But numerous epidemiological studies have shown that diabetes is largely preventable through diet and lifestyle changes.

As secondary metabolites of plants, plant polyphenols have the characteristics of safety and no side effects, and can use its excellent antioxidant effect to play a variety of physiological functions such as lowering blood sugar and blood lipid

Grape Seed Extract powder

Procyanidine , grape seed extract is a rich source of typical plant polyphenols, as the main ingredient of grape seed , it has a wide range of biological activity, epidemiological data and in vivo studies have shown that procyanidine  on prevention and treatment of fat cells related diseases such as obesity, insulin resistance and diabetes, etc. With good properties.

Correlational Research

According to a study published in Food and Function, mice were fed a high-fat diet with low and high doses of grape seed extract anthocyanin (GSPE) for 8 weeks.


The results showed that high-dose GSPE significantly reduced body weight, improved insulin resistance, and increased adiponectin and leptin in mice on a high-fat diet. Procyanidins reduced body mass gain and fat accumulation, reduced cell size of adipose tissue, reduced fat deposition in liver, improved glucose tolerance, and reduced lipid levels and plasma inflammatory response parameters in mice.

Can Grape Seed Extract Treat Diabetes

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