Passion Fruit Extract Powder


Part of Use:Fruit
Appearance:Brown Yellow Powder
Active Ingredient:Flavones
Specification:Flavones 4%-10%, 20:1
Shelf Life:2 Years

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SOSt provide passion fruit extract powder. Passion fruit also known as passiflora edulia sims, containing 17 kinds of amino acids, rich protein, fat, sugar, vitamin, calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, SOD enzyme and microfiber 165 kinds of beneficial substances to human body, more known as the fruit of VC (vitamin) king, can enhance human resistance, improve immunity. Passion fruit contains microfiber can enter the body inside the stomach and intestines very small parts, for deep cleaning and detoiling. In addition, passion fruit can enhance digestion and absorption function, improve constipation.



10% 20% 10:1 20:1 100:1 200:1

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1. Passion fruit extract powder is used for mood disorders, such as depression, anxiety, stress.

2. Passion fruit can be used for insomnia and sleep disorders.

3. Passion fruit is functional on headaches, migraines and general pain.

4. It can treat stomach problems such as colic, nervous stomach, indigestion, etc.

5. It can relieve menstrual cramps and premenstrual syndrome (PMS).

6. Reseach show that passion juice powder has effect on analgesic,anti-anxiety,anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic,cough suppressant,aphrodisiac,cough suppressant, central nervous,system depressant, diuretic, hypotensive,sedative.


1. Applied in drinks additive field.

2. Applied in health care product field.

3. Applied in food additive field.

4. Applied in cosmetic field.



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