Kacip Fatimah Extract


Part of Use:Whole
Appearance:Brown Powder
Specification:10:1, 20:1, As Customers' require
Shelf Life:2 Years

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SOST provide fovourable Kacip Fatimah Extract, Its botanical name is Labisia Pumila. It is a common herb that grows in the rainforests of southeast Asia. The value of kaqihuadima and dongge ali, known as the "sacred female product", Malay women used in breast enhancement, beauty, improve the vitality of the body, maintain youth, prolong life medicine. According to the data, kaqihuadima is rich in phytoestrogens, which can adjust menstruation, improve menstrual pain and solve women's physiological worries.



10:1, 20:1, As Customers' require

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1. It provides phytoestrogen (natural plant estrogen) which is extremely beneficial to a woman's health if they lack estrogen, especially to estrogen-stimulated organs such as the breasts and vagina.

2. It increases libido and also aids in treating a wide range of female illnesses, particularly those relating to the reproductive system as well as overall well-being.

3. The herb is anti-dysmenorrhea, meaning that it can help cleanse and avoid painful and difficult menstruation.

4. It helps balance hormones and eliminate postnatal depression, such as loss of interest in sex by promoting vitality and strength to improve intimacy.

5. The herb is anti-flatulence, which is crucial in eliminating excess gas in the stomach.

6. The herb is known to boost the body's immune system.

7. Kacip fatimah extract can improves blood circulation, therefore helping in relieving rheumatic pains in muscles and joints.

8. Helps in overcoming constipation and restoring damaged hair as well as promoting the overall well-being.


1. Applied in food field, it is widely used as functional food additive.

2. Applied in health product field.


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