Freeze Dried Strawberry Powder


Appearance:Red powder
Test method:TLC
Payment method:T/T
Annual supply capacity:4000 tons
Delivery time:Within 3 working days
Certificates:ISO,HALAL,KOSHER etc.
Shelf life:24 months
Stock:In stock

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Freeze dried strawberry powder is one of the strongest product of Xi an Sost Biotech Co., Ltd. We are a fruit and vegetable powder manufacturer who has the history of more than 17 years. It is made from freeze-dried sliced strawberries. This freezing technique removes all moisture from the berries. These dried berry pieces are then pulverized to make a very fine powder with a very vibrant color.

Freeze dried strawberry powder 5



60-80 Mesh



Heavy Metal

≤ 10.0 mg/kg


≤ 2.0 mg/kg


≤ 1.0 mg/kg

Total Bacteria

≤1000 cfu/g



Nutrition value

The product retains all the original nutrients of strawberries! It is rich in vitamin C, which helps to strengthen the immune system. It's also high in fiber and is a great source of antioxidants.


This strawberry powder has a sweet and tangy flavor and is also a great natural coloring ingredient. Can be used to color and flavor a wide range of baked goods, sauces and beverages.

Freeze-dried strawberry powder 1

cake decoration

Freeze-dried strawberry powder 2

strawberry milkshake

Freeze-dried strawberry powder 3

strawberry ice cream

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Sost is a strong freeze dried strawberry powder supplier. We have a warehouse in the USA. We are sure to deliver your order quickly and offer satisfying after-sale service. We are able to provide you with process flow charts, customs clearance materials, custom services and COA.




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