Bulk Acai Powder


Active ingredients:Cellulose, fatty acids, amino acids, etc.
Payment method:T/T
Annual supply capacity:3000 tons
Test method:UV/TLC
Delivery time:Within 3 working days
Certificates:ISO,HALAL,KOSHER etc.

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Bulk acai powder is a strong product of Xi an Sost Biotech Co., Ltd which established in 2005. Now we are an experienced fruit and vegetable powder manufacturer. We have advanced extraction, separation, purification and drying equipment and quality testing equipment, such as HPLC, GC, AFS, UV, etc.  Using spray dried technology, the product retains most of the nutritional value of acai berries.  


1. High concentration of antioxidant ingredients

2. High content of beneficial fatty acids

3. Plenty of dietary fiber

4. Rich in amino acids

5. A variety of natural vitamins and minerals


1. It can lower blood pressure and prevent thrombosis.

2. It can maintain the balance of blood lipids in the human body and reduce the incidence of hyperlipidemia, diabetes and heart disease.

3.It can help care for the eyes. Because acai berry contains a large amount of polyphenols, it can help promote blood circulation around the eyes, and at the same time can provide nutrition for the eyes, effectively strengthen the blood vessels in the retina, and help eliminate eye fatigue. is very friendly.

4.It can help delay aging. Acai berry powder contains a lot of anthocyanins and vitamins, which can improve the body's antioxidant capacity and help eliminate free radicals in the body. The vitamins in it can also refine wrinkles and moisturize the skin. it is good.


1. Applied in cosmetic field

2. Applied in pharmaceutical field

3. Applied in healthcare product field

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We are a strong and experienced bulk acai powder manufacturer. Our factory have obtained  EU Organic ,USDA Organic ,Hala ,Kosher and other certificates. Our products are exported to more than forty countries and regions all over the world. The whole production process conforms to international standards so as to ensure product quality effectively. It's our goal to provide better service for global customers.

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