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Appearance:White powder
Specification:100 billion cfu/g
Test Method:HPLC
Sample:Free Sample
Customized service:Available
Payment method:T/T
Annual supply capacity:1,500 tons
Delivery time:1-3 working days
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Shelf Life:24 Months
Grade:Food/Cosmetic Grade

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Bifidobacterium lactis

1. Introduction of Bifidobacterium Lactis

Bifidobacterium lactis is usually a Gram-positive, anaerobic, rod-shaped bacterium that can be found in the large intestine of most mammals, including humans. , and has some impressive abilities to culture and support immune function and digestive health. Its positive effects also extend beyond the intestinal tract to benefit the skin and respiratory system. Sometimes, Bifidobacterium lactis strains are confused with Bifidobacterium animalis or Streptococcus lactis. However, this species is memorable enough to stand out.

2. Basic information

Product name

Bifidobacterium lactis


100 billion cfu/g


White powder


Soluble in water


Food Grade

3. Benefits and function Bifidobacterium Lactis

bifidobacterium lactis benefits

3.1. Antibiotic-associated diarrhea

This probiotic story on antibiotic-associated diarrhea is worth a read. Bifidobacterium lactis appears to help the microbiota bounce back after taking antibiotics. In a human study, Bifidobacterium lactis strains enhanced microbiota recovery.

3.2. Constipation

Before moving on, it is worth noting that Bifidobacterium lactis is a welcome presence in a constipated colon. According to studies, it improves the gastrointestinal transit time.

3.3. Respiratory support

The gut-lung microbiome axis links bacteria in the gut to respiratory health. Studies have found that the intake of Lactobacillus bifidum affects upper respiratory tract infections by positively influencing the function of immune cells (natural killer cells and T cells). Considering that over 70% of immune cells are found in the gut, close to where these probiotics act, the microbiota can have a significant impact on the immune response. The microbiota can reduce the symptoms of upper respiratory infections, such as the common cold and flu.

3.4. Seasonal virus exposure

Probiotic species have different ways of dealing with the nasal symptoms caused by seasonal allergic rhinitis. Studies say that Bifidobacterium lactis has immunomodulatory effects and can alleviate immune factors and allergy symptoms during seasonal exposure.

3.5. Excessive crying

In a randomized study, a bifidobacterium lactis appeared to help relieve excessive crying and fussiness. This tolerant probiotic can tolerate all the crying and help the microbiome bounce back. Despite their small size, Bifidobacterium lactis is clearly an important part of the human microbiome.

4. Application

bifidobacterium lactis bpl1

4.1.Applications in beverages and dairy products.

The demand for bioactive enrichment of health foods through natural microorganisms during dairy fermentation is increasing. While participating in milk fermentation, lactic acid bacteria can be used in situ as a microbial source for natural enrichment of dairy products with a wide range of bioactive components such as anti-hypertensive, anti-inflammatory, anti-diabetic, antioxidant, immunomodulatory, anti - cholesterol or microbiome modulation.

4.2.Probiotic foods.

(Fermented foods are the main vehicle for delivering probiotics). Among them, dairy products (especially fermented milk and yogurt) are by far the most effective and widely used. Cheese is a dairy product for which the utilization of probiotics has been optimized in several cheese varieties such as cheddar, Camembert, lodge-type cheese, white salt cheese and traditional cheese due to their specific chemical and physical properties (higher pH and lower titratable acidity, higher fat content, higher nutrient utilization) compared to fermented milk. There are other non-fermented dairy products such as low-fat ice cream, chocolate mousse, coconut tarts or infant formula that have also been supplemented with probiotic strains.

4.3. Non-dairy fermented products. Bifidobacterium strains have been used in the fermentation of non-dairy substrates such as fermented fish, especially salmon, with a single strain probiotic culture of Bifidobacterium lactis Bb12 for fermentation of minced salmon meat. The fermentation of bifidobacteria and supplements alters the protein and initial carbohydrate composition of the fish, resulting in a fermented salmon paste with high levels of live probiotic cells that can be used as a dietary supplement for spreads or food sauces.

5. COA

Product Name:Bifidobacterium lactis Manufacture Date:Feb 19,2022

Batch Quantity:100kg                         Expirity Date:Feb 18,2024

Analysis Items



Physical Analysis


White powder








Loss on drying







95% through 80 mesh


Allergen Testing



Chemical Analysis

Total metal count

NMT 10ppm



NMT 2ppm


( As)Arsenic/ppm

NMT 2ppm


(Cd) Cadmium/p pm

NMT 2ppm



NMT 2ppm


Microbiological Analysis

Total plate count

10,000cfu/g Max


Yeast & Mold /CFU/g

1,000cfu/g Max


E. coli/







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