Bearberry Extract For Skin Lightening


Extracted part : Leaf
Specifications : 99% α-arbutin, β-arbutin
Appearance: White Fine Powder
Certificate: Organic/FDA/ISO/Kosher/Halal

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Bearberry Extract is an active ingredient extracted from the dried leaves of the azalea family plant bearberry as a raw material, and the main ingredients are arbutin and ursolic acid. Arbutin has antibacterial, antitussive, diuretic and other pharmacological activities. It is also an inhibitor of tyrosinase in human melanocytes. Arbutin can effectively inhibit the biotyrosinase activity in the skin and block melanin. The formation of tyrosinase directly combines itself with tyrosinase to accelerate the decomposition and excretion of melanin, thereby reducing skin pigmentation, removing stains and freckles. It is currently the main raw material commonly used in whitening cosmetics at home and abroad. There are many internationally. The state applies arbutin to cosmetics.



99% α-arbutin, β-arbutin

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1. Bearberry extract powder: It can be used as skin cream, etc. It can not only be used for skin care, but also anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant;

2. Bearberry extract powder: Arbutin is the main ingredient of the new type of burning scald medicine. It is characterized by rapid analgesia, strong anti-inflammatory ability, rapid elimination of redness and swelling, quick healing and no scarring.

3. Bearberry extract powder: Intestinal anti-inflammatory drug raw materials: sterilization, anti-inflammatory effect, no toxic side effects.


1. Bearberry Extract applied in food filed, It is advisable to drink water into which a half gram of baking soda has been dissolved when taking uva ursi leaf to treat an infection.
2. Bearberry Extract applied in cosmetic field, beta arbutin is able to used in facial masks to whiten, eliminate wrinkles and dispelling spot.
3. Bearberry Extract applied in phamaceutical field, bearberry leaf extract use as a diuretic and is often recommended to ease fluid retention, swelling and bloating.


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