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organic dihydromyricetin dhm,dihydromyricetin dhm factory,china dihydromyricetin

organic dihydromyricetin dhm,dihydromyricetin dhm factory,china dihydromyricetin

Product name: dihydromyricetin
Extracted part : leaf
Specifications :50%,98%
Appearance: Off-White powder

Product details

Organic dihydromyricetin dhm,dihydromyricetin dhm factory,china dihydromyricetin

Vine tea is one of a rare plant. Botanical name is ampelopsis grossedentata,2a696541-32ff-405f-bc78-ffdfb3876386.jpg

it is one kind of typical tea plant, "Chinese Herbal Medicine Collection

" wrote that the vine tea (Teng Cha )has a glycol flavor, the nature is cool;

It can alleviate fevers, dis-intoxicate, cure rheumatism, strengthen physique,

diuresize, and many other functions. The vine tea (Teng Cha) contains

rich flvones, amino acids, vitamins; Proteins and essential trace element,

in which the content of total flavones, and Dihydromyricetin elementis are 

especially high.

Descriptions :         
Product name: dihydromyricetin 
Extracted part : leaf 
Specifications :50%,98%
Appearance: Off-White powder

二氢杨梅素 - 副本_副0本.jpg


Main functions    
1. The function of clearing the free radical in body and antioxidation: The vine tea extract can effectively level down the lipid peroxidation. It can prevent the oxidative damage of antioxidase in body caused by the free radical. Then it can improve the oxidation resistance of the human body.
2. The function of antibiotic action: The vine tea extract has the strong inhibitory action of staphylococcus aureus and Bacillus subtilis. It also has inhibitory action of Aspergillus flavus, Aspergillus niger, penicillium and Alternaria. Dihydromyricetin has the inhibitory action of Staphylococcus aureus, Staphylococcus aureus(S. aureus) and Pseudomonas aeruginosa.
3. The function of protecting the Liver: Dihydromyricetin has the strong inhibitory action of the rise of ALT and AST in the blood Serum. It can low the total bilirubin in the blood serum. So it has the strong action of lowing the aminotransferase and jaundice. The vine tea extract can restrain the liver fibrosis in the rat.
4. The function of reducing the levels of blood sugar and blood fat: Dihydromyricetin can reduce the blood fat levels in the mouse. It can decrease the damage to liver cells caused by the high blood fat levels and improve the antioxidation ability. At the same time, it can low the levels of high blood sugar.
5.The function of anti-inflammation: The vine tea extract can effectively restrain the mouse pinna swelling caused by xylene. It can also restrain the writhing response in the mouse caused by acetic acid.
Main applications 
1. Applied in Food field;
 2. Applied in Pharmaceutical field;
 3. Applied in Cosmetic field.


Delivery : Shipped within 3 days after receiving payment .
Storage: Store in a cool,dry place and keep away from direct strong light for 24 months.
Package: 25kg/drum (25.0kg net weight, 28.0kg gross weight, packed in a drum outside; double-layer PE
inside) or 1kg/bag (1.0kg net weight, 1.2kg gross weight, packed in an aluminum foil bag outside; double-layer PE inside).


SOST has been dedicated to manufacturing pure natural dihydromyricetin supplement for many years, which made us one of the best dihydromyricetin manufacturers in China. Welcome to buy and wholesale quality organic plant products at reasonable price with our price.

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