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Sex Medicine Ingredient Black Maca Powder Introduction

Xi'an Sost Biotech Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 23, 2016

Herbal Extract Sex Medicine for Long Time Peru Black Maca Root Powder

What is Maca extract?

    Maca root extract is a cruciferous plant Lepidium in the shape of radish-like hypertrophy of the roots, originating in Peru and Central's (Jinin) and Pasco (Pasco) near the Andes above 4,000 meters, the area cold, strong winds, eco- harsh conditions unsuitable for other crops, and thus Maca became a source of food for Inca.


    Maca root extract may also support physical and mental strength in both males and females. Also known as Peruvian ginseng, maca may help enhance physical energy and endurance, promote mental clarity and concentration and boost work capacity. As an adaptogen, it helps restore stamina and buffer the effects of stress.


    Maca root extract contains several biologically active components, called glucosinolates, that have medicinal uses. The dried underground stem is traditionally used to increase libido and improve fertility. Although maca does not affect blood levels of sex hormones, it may nevertheless improve sperm counts in men and enhance sexual performance in both men and women.


    Maca root extract is also an excellent source of B vitamins, including vitamin B-12, a vitamin that provides the body with needed energy.Maca also contains antioxidants, which are scavengers of free radicals that might harm cellular DNA. The combination of these healthy compounds may provide a natural energy boost to the body and increase your mental acuity.

Main Benefits of maca root extract

1. Maca root extract supports glandular system;
2. Maca root extract may boost work capacity;
3. Maca root extract p
romotes libido and sexual function;
4. Maca root extract enhances physical energy and endurance;
5. Maca root extract promotes mental clarity and concentration;
6. Maca root extract supports stamina and buffers the effects of stress.


Main Applications of maca root extract

1. Maca root extract can be applied in food field, maca powder is used as an anti-aging food;
2. Maca root extract can be applied in health food field, it is also used as an afrodyn;
3. Maca root extract can be applied in pharmaceutical field,Maca powder was used to treat organ dysplasia,premature ejaculation and male impotence.

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